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What’s better to ride all around the island in, than a stunning beach buggy?

Seats 3 persons, 1100 engine and automatic gearbox

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Joyner RL1100 Two seater….. Explore the island with something that gives off a certain Mad Max vibe around it!

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Joyner Python 800 Dune Buggy. Two seater, 4 speed, mean looking loud coolness. One the most fun ways to reach your favorite beach!

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Aeon Overland 200. The smallest of the bunch but it can still carry two persons all around the island. Ideal for beginners!

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quad rent zakynthos olympic rentals

Aeon Crossland 300. Best all around quad to explore the island, it can carry you and your passenger anywhere you wish to!

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Akita ii, One of the biggest quads on Zakynthos, due to it's size and the top box with integrated armrests it is the most comfortable ATV to ride around the island.

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Goes Iron, Just a bit smaller in size than the Akita but sporting a bigger engine makes it fun...Really fun!

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Goes Cobalt Max, Maxi size, maxi engine... Not a lot more to add!