Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers Age Limits2019-09-30T11:29:26+02:00

The minimum age allowed for a driver is 21 years  and 24 or 27, depending on the car group. The maximum age is 64 without a surcharge, drivers who are 65+ will be subject to the senior driver surcharge (SDS).
One year of minimum driving experience is required for all groups. For premium or luxury cars and vans two years of experience are required.
-For vehicle groups A,B,C,D,E,F and I the minimum age is 21.
-For vehicle groups K,H the minimum age is 24.
-For vehicle groups G,L the minimum age is 27.

Younger drivers may rent a car with a Young Drivers Surcharge (YDS) depending on renters age and vehicle group, paid on pickup.

For further information/clarification please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by our contact form.

Delivery & Collection2019-09-29T11:40:28+02:00

We deliver and collect your vehicle anywhere in Zakynthos. Free of charge for most places, a small surcharge may apply for remote areas, consult our online booking system or ask us through our contact form.


All of our list prices include CDW with a waiver dependant on vehicles category. Lower waiver limit and FCI may be purchased locally.

For further information you may consult our terms and conditions page.

24h Road Side Assistance2019-09-29T12:18:07+02:00

All of our vehicles are covered with 24 hour, 7day a week road side assistance anywhere on the island.

Car Replacement2019-09-29T12:17:24+02:00

In any case of an unfortunate event, we will swiftly replace your vehicle with one similar/ similar category depending on availability.

Taxes Included2019-09-29T12:19:54+02:00

All of our listed/quoted prices include all local taxes.

Free Mileage2019-09-29T12:20:45+02:00

No extra charge, no matter how many kilometers put on the clock.

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